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How to Add Demo Content

When activating a theme, many themes will offer you the option to add homepage demo content to your site.

  1. Switch to this theme, preserving my homepage content: This option does not add the theme’s demo content to your site. Your existing content will be presented in the new theme.
  2. Replace my homepage content with the theme’s homepage: This option will add the theme’s demo content to your site so that your homepage will immediately change to match what you see on the demo site. If you have an existing homepage that you worked on, it will not be deleted! The old homepage will be saved as a draft under Pages → Drafts

f you choose a theme that does not offer demo content, you will have two options to make your site look like the theme demo:

  1. Manual setup: Each theme includes a guide that explains each part of your theme and how to set it up. Here’s how to find yours. You may follow the guide to set up the theme on your site.
  2. Automatic setup: Contact a Happiness Engineer to request demo content to be added to your site. Please make sure the theme you wish to use is active on your site before contacting us. Please note this option is only possible on sites that do not have plugins enabled.

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Add a New Layout

You don’t have to stick with the layout that came with your theme — you can choose from many beautifully-designed layouts for common pages of your site like Home, Contact, About, Services, and Blog.

To explore the different layouts, go to Pages and click Add New Page. The next screen will present you with the option to choose a pre-defined page layout. These layouts are great starting points for a beautiful page design, which you can later customize with your own text and images.

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Third-Party Themes and Demo Content

This section of the guide applies to sites with the WordPress.com Business or eCommerce plan. If your site has one of our legacy plans, this feature is available on the Pro plan.

If you have a plugin-enabled site, you have the option to upload a theme developed outside of WordPress.com. The theme may include a method to import or install demo content.

Your theme may come with an XML file of demo content. You can upload this to your site by going to Tools → Import and choosing the WordPress import option.

Alternatively, some themes include a special feature that makes your site look like their demo site. Please consult your theme’s support guide/ documentation or contact your theme’s support for help with this.

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